<span class="true"><strong>SKIMMED MILK POWDER</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>FULL CREAM MILK POWDER</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>SWEET WHEY POWDER</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>MILK PROTEIN CONCENTRATES;  CASEIN & CASEINATES</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>BUTTER UNSALTED, 25 KG BLOCK</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>BUTTER UNSALTED, 2,5 KG BLOCK</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>INSTANT FULL CREAM MILK POWDER</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>FULL CREAM UNSWEETENED EVAPORATED MILK</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>FAT FILLED UNSWEETENDED EVAPORATED MILK</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>FULL CREAM SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>FAT FILLED SWEETENDED CONDENSED MILK</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>EDAM CHEESE 30% AND 40% MILKFAT I.D.M.</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>GOUDA CHEESE 48% MILKFAT I.D.M.</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>TILSIT CHEESE 45% MILKFAT I.D.M.</strong></span><span class="true"><strong>CHEDDAR CHEESE, MILD YOUNG CURD, WHITE</strong></span>

EXIMO is 40!

This year EXIMO Agro-Marketing AG celebrates its 40th anniversary.

21.03.2016 | Founded in 1976 as a GmbH and subsidiary of the Austrian company OEMOLK, the company can look back on a success story unparalleled In the dairy industry. With new and constantly updated business models the company has been able to remain an important part of ... wiêcej