Milk and dairy products have long been recognized as an important element of a healthy diet. Milk tastes good and is natural. Also natural, however, are regional and seasonal fluctuations in the milk supply. EXIMO brings balance to the international milk markets. Since 1976, EXIMO has been a competent and independent partner serving and advising suppliers and buyers worldwide. EXIMO relies on its profound market expertise as well as detailed know-how about products and services.

  • inter-seasonal balancing
  • inter-regional balancing
  • supply of raw materials
  • storage and financing
  • quality management
  • reliable transportation
  • intelligent logistics
  • risk management
  • opening of new markets

Milk and dairy products today have to satisfy many demands - quality, deliciousness, and variety are crucial factors. Consumers expect an ever-increasing choice of products, in safe and reliable quality, any time and almost any place. Manufacturers have to continue offering new, innovative products and exciting taste experiences if they are to survive the keenly fought competitive war.

EXIMO supplies the raw material, in assured quality and exactly when needed. And at competitive prices, of course! With intelligent logistics and storage, worldwide supply sources, and long-term experience in the handling of goods subject to EU market regulations. Even in difficult times, EXIMO ensures guaranteed delivery - just in time!